Wednesday, October 4, 2023

More than a historical tribute, the 63rd Nigerian Independence Day celebration in Colorado Springs celebrating the vibrant multiculturalism

Colorado Springs, CO - October 1, 2023

The 63rd anniversary of Nigeria's independence was joyously celebrated in Colorado Springs as Nigerians came together to foster stronger bonds of social, cultural, and economic exchange between their community and the broader Colorado Springs and American population.

On October 3, 2023, in Colorado Springs, the Nigerian community showcased their incredible spirit. This event, attended by distinguished individuals, illuminated the rich tapestry of the Nigerian diaspora in Colorado Springs, highlighting their unity in diversity. Mayor Yemi Mobolade of the city graced the occasion, paying homage to Nigeria's cultural heritage.
The presence of the CEO of the Black Chambers of Commerce further emphasized the event's significance, underscoring the importance of economic collaboration and partnership.

Attendees were honored to share the company of notable figures like Ibidun Damien, a renowned humanitarian and the founder of 1609Royale. Her participation underscored the prevailing sense of unity and community pride that permeated the celebration.

More than a historical tribute, the 63rd Nigerian Independence Day celebration in Colorado Springs celebrated the vibrant multiculturalism that enriches the city. It emphasized the critical role of nurturing social, cultural, and economic connections within the Nigerian community and extending these bonds beyond their heritage.

As the day concluded, an atmosphere of jubilation and hope enveloped the gathering, signaling a commitment to sustained cooperation and exchange among all participants. It was a beautiful day marked by unity, the sharing of cherished traditions, and a resolute dedication to forging a brighter future for everyone involved.

With great passion and love, we would continue to honor our heritage, strengthen the bonds of Nigeria's culture, and we heartily celebrate independence of our great nation. Happy 63rd Independence Day!

Event proudly sponsored by Shop & Smile African and Int'l Market Colorado.

Friday, September 3, 2021


As an entrepreneurial for many years now one of the greatest vibes to my continuous development have been on the quality of information I'm able to obtain. "Your ability to discover the major tools for your improvement in whatever areas is a  treasure you must keep."

Information power remains the absolute power to control and  continuously stay aloof. Economic power derives sources from information power and looking at the era we are, Globalization is helping us vastly in aiding development  across the globe.

"As a general rule, the most successful man in life is the man who has the best information" _Benjamin Disraeli

In most cases, why it seems you are not experiencing transformation and improvement in your individual aspirations. Most likely in your business, industries and other areas of your life  is because you don't weigh and feed on the right resources. 

The reasons Multi National and some few National Organizations organized seminars,trainings and other forms of mental, physical and career development outings is for the purpose of individual growth, in order to keep the organization abreast on improved methods of service. 

 "Your growth feed simultaneously on what you provide it , and you cannot outgrow the level of what you are consuming." As an entrepreneur the information you get will greatly help you to continue to improve. You see most of those that start up the same business as you are enthusiasts individual, who continuously desires to get different dimensions on how to do their business. 

If I may ask you, what exactly are you feeding on? You see many entrepreneurial complaining about the state of their enterprise. Ask 80% of them how many times have they look for different ways to run their business? No response? then how do they intend to improve in the competitive market? A lot of  questions will continue to surface.

There are no new businesses, what we have out there are improved methods of service. And the fact remains that the approach individual organizations uses in running their work is what makes the major differences. 

Also, for you to grow you need to improve the level, quality and quantity of what you consume. And getting the right resources to help you grow your enterprise is very vital.

Sunday, August 15, 2021

Fawehinmi Omotola: Goldmine successful entrepreneur in agribusiness.

Omotola Fawehinmi believes new technological revolution will help Nigeria Agriculture sector to increase her farm output across Nigeria.

 We all know Agriculture is the bedrock of Africa’s economic development goals and it’s a sure way of achieving massive food security to stop hunger and curbs looming famining for her citizens. 

For the building of our Agricultural sector which would promotes healthy rich food system and also promotes employment through Agric business. Likewise It will stand as a bridge to promote job opportunities for our women and youths, as a source of their livelihood that can also promotes global trade and boost the economy.

Note, that the World Agriculture is undergoing a new technology revolution supported by policy makers around the globe. While smart technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, robotics, and the Internet of things could play an important role in achieving enhanced productivity and greater eco-efficiency.

The dynamism to cope with today’s markets and economy pressure lies in innovations and creativities that has becomes very important in agriculture. As the world food day is fast approaching let promote Food and Agriculture culture. Fawehinmi as join the food security network to ensure Nigerians do have a livelihood and sustainable future.

Ideally the new technology revolution is now becoming a major source of employment and backbone to many industries in terms of the supplies of raw materials, heightens the critical role of innovation, creativity and resourcefulness.

Moreso, the critical state of food supplies in which Nigeria has transited from food exporters to net food importer. No thanks to the prevailing political economy and non-supportive policies of the Government. 

Nigeria farmers would continues to languish in underdevelopment, and our farm output would suffer a continuous set back and the resultant effect on the economy but a better innovation and creativity in the introduction of new technological agricultural innovation. This could succinctly change the agricultural sector for a better means of practicing farming in Nigeria and other burning issues of agricultural innovation system.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

CHESED HOMES- who is chesed


CHESEDHOMES is a real estate and facility management company established for the purpose of satisfying one of the basic human wants which is Shelter. That aside, we provide opportunities for people to invest in real estate business with the guarantee of minimal or no risks. In the facility management area, we professionally manage the efficiency and effectiveness  of the organizations who need our services. We enable you to be home-away-from-home when you book our shortlets for a short stay, vacation, honeymoon, bridal and baby showers, business purposes and etc. CHESEDHOMES  is a subsidiary of CHESEDGROUP while SHORTLETS BY CHESED is an arm of CHESEDHOMES.

CHESEDAGRO NIGERIA LIMITED is also a company founded for the purpose of producing and using plants in agriculture for food, fuel, fiber, recreation, and land restoration using science and technology. It produces solution 

To be the leading real estate company in Nigeria and even Africa at large. And to be at our very best in providing real estate investment and facility management services and accommodation solutions to a wide range of customers.

To enable accessibility of opportunities in real estate investment and facility management for everyone necessary. Also to create
employment in agribusiness and support the economy solving food security challenge.


To deal with loneliness and disconnection at work.

As an employer, help new hires make connections from the beginning of their work day. So that they find it easy to relate with you as their employer and with their fellow colleagues. Make them feel welcomed and at home. 

More often, give them tasks that involve team work so that the more they work together, the more they get fond of each other and build relationships.

You can encourage your employees to have a mentor or a work buddy at work that they can always count on and seek guidance from.

You can organize social events at work or team lunches. It’ll enable them feel free amongst themselves.

Encourage them to always speak up when they’re going through one trouble or the other even if it isn’t work related.

Involve them in decision-making processes so that they know that they matter.

providing the right training and development opportunities is an underrated but powerful way of overcoming a worker's loneliness too because it helps them build self confidence.

For further enquiries please contact chesed homes:

@ Plot 15 Victoria Arobieke street lagos state, nigeria.

Mail at:

Follow social media:


Thursday, March 11, 2021

181 Places to Start Online by Sophia Conti to Support Black-Owned Businesses

Racial and wealth disparities in the United States have been thrown into sharp relief by the COVID-19 pandemic and racial unrest throughout 2020. We see more clearly than ever just how often Black business owners and creatives have been thought of as less than their Caucasian counterparts – and Black businesses are paying the price.

Black businesses are impacted more deeply than Caucasian businesses by COVID-related closures, due to the long history of racial inequality that’s now exacerbated by the ongoing state of emergency.

It feels like an overwhelming problem – and it is – but there’s one simple thing you can do right now to help: Shop at Black-owned businesses whenever you can.

Supporting Black-owned businesses helps provide much-needed stability to business owners that have been hard hit by the pandemic. And you’re laying a foundation to continue to support Black businesses long after the crisis is over.

Once you start paying attention to who owns the businesses you shop at and where your money is going, you’ll be surprised at how your mindset starts to shift. It’s an easy, practical step to start changing the way you think while providing tangible support to Black business owners who need your help right now.

Where to start? We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled a list of 181 Black-owned businesses across the United States in many different categories. Check out the list below.

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Experiment satellite: china launches 'world's first 6G.

China has sent into space “the world’s first 6G experiment satellite,” local media reported on Friday.

The experimental 6G satellite will “verify the terahertz (THz) communication technology in space, a breakthrough in space communication,” according to state-affiliated daily Global Times.

The 6G satellite was among three Chinese satellites successfully launched into orbit, along with 10 commercial remote sensing satellites developed by Argentinian company Satellogic, the report said.

All of them were launched using a single Long March 6 rocket that took off from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in northern Shanxi province.

This was the 351st rocket of China’s indigenously developed Long March series.

In September, China launched its third maritime satellite into space, and has also sent an observation satellite, Gaofen 11-02, into orbit to help in mapping efforts for its Belt and Road Initiative.

Meanwhile, China’s National Astronomical Observatory said on Friday it will open its 500-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope, to global scientists next year for research work, state broadcaster CGTN reported.

The observatory will begin full operation in January 2021 after passing a “series of technical and performance assessments."

Thursday, October 8, 2020

President Trump, Saudi king, and Crown prince sentences to death.

A Yemeni court has issued death sentences against ten defendants including President Donald Trump, Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, and crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud for alleged war crimes. 

The case against the defendants was held in their absence at Houthi-run Specialised Criminal Court in the Yemeni governorate of Saada over the Saudi-led coalition’s attack on a bus full of young boys in Dahyan in the Majz district

The Houthi-owned Yemen News Agency (SABA) confirmed that the court issued death sentences to Donald Trump, Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, Mohammed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, and Norton Schwartz for their alleged roles in the attack. 

Commander of the Saudi Air Force, Turki bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz, Yemeni President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi, Yemen's Vice President Ali Mohsen Saleh Al-Ahmar, Prime Minister Ahmed bin Dagher, Defence Minister Muhammad Al-Maqdishi, and former US Defence Secretary James Norman Mattis were also sentenced to death.

The news agency indicated that the defendants are also required to pay a $10 billion fine to families of those killed in the 2019 airstrike.

The charges related to an airstrike which reportedly hit a school bus, killing 51 people including 40 children

The news agency reported that: “The prosecution has registered its partial appeal to the fifth paragraph of the verdict, regarding the right of those included in the indictment. Thus, the court has not decided on it yet. Private prosecution attorney, Hamdan Shani, joined his appeal to the prosecution’s appeal, while the defence attorney, Abdel Wahab Al-Fadhli, reserved the right to appeal on behalf of the defendants.”

Extremism Charges: Russia Convicts 6 Jehovah’s Witnesses


A court in central Russia has handed suspended sentences to six Jehovah’s Witnesses on Thursday, its latest crackdown on the religious organization that it banned three years ago.

A district court in the city of Ulyanovsk 800 kilometers southeast of Moscow found four men and a married couple guilty of organizing or participating in “extremist activity,” the Jehovah’s Witnesses organization told The Moscow Times.

The court gave them suspended sentences ranging from two to four years. The court database has classified the details of the case.

Prosecutors last week requested real prison sentences of up to seven years for the worshippers aged between 35 and 63, the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Russia group said on its website. 

We are pleased that they were not imprisoned, yet it remains a gross injustice for them to be convicted simply for their peaceful Christian worship,” Jehovah’s Witnesses spokesman Jarrod Lopes said in an email.

He contrasted the Ulyanovsk case with the “courageous” acquittal of a believer in the North Caucasus, the first such ruling since Russia outlawed Jehovah’s Witnesses as “extremists.”

Yesterday, in Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, Judge Kudryavtseva courageously issued the first ‘not guilty’ verdict on one of Jehovah’s Witnesses since the 2017 Supreme Court ruling,” Lopes said. 

“Today’s judge, Galina Soshkina, instead aligned herself with those who have facilitated the persecution of Jehovah’s Witnesses, flouting the censure of the international human rights community.

Russia has outlawed an estimated 400 Jehovah’s Witnesses branches across the country since the Supreme Court’s decision to ban the organization. Russian courts have since issued a series of lengthy sentences against believers, including several European Union nationals.



Burning of Nigerian in Libya NIDCOM Condemns.


The Nigerians in Diaspora Commission (NIDCOM) has condemned in strong terms the killing of a Nigerian in Libya.

Its Chairman, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, in a statement issued Thursday, noted that the said Nigerian was allegedly set ablaze by three Libyan nationals who stormed a factory.

The identity of the Nigerian man set on fire with petrol has not been revealed as investigations and interrogations of the suspected attackers who are in custody are on going.

Dabiri-Erewa however described the act as dastardly, bestial and unacceptable, while calling on the Libyan authorities to apply the full weight of the law on the suspected killers.

Meanwhile, a statement by the Libyan Interior Ministry has condemned the act, insisting that it was a new wave of violence on migrants in the North Africa country.

The United Nations has also described the killing of the Nigerian “another senseless crime against migrants in the country”.


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Hand sanitiser sold as gin content

An Australian liquor distiller has issued an urgent recall on bottles of gin after finding they had been filled with hand sanitiser, which left at least one customer feeling sick.

The company, Apollo Bay Distillery, says it has sold a number of the bottles with no seal, which have been labelled as gin but actually contain the sanitiser. Hand sanitiser is not safe to drink and should not be consumed.

The company said at least nine bottles of the sanitiser, labelled as “SS Casino Gin” were sold between June 5 and June 7.

A customer said she felt ill after drinking a glass from one of the incorrectly labelled bottles.


The bottles filled with hand sanitiser have been labelled as gin. Source: Supplied

“Had one glass of this at lunchtime and had a really bad headache and felt nauseas (sic) about 1 hour after and had to take nausea tablets and nurofen,” the customer said on the Apollo Bay Distillery Facebook page.

“Thought I was getting unwell I had no idea until now! If it doesn’t taste right don’t drink it!!! Be careful!”

The company apologised to the customer and assured her the product she mistakenly drank was “not toxic”.

“Should you have purchased a bottle of SS Casino Gin between Friday 5 June to Sunday 7 June please return it to where you purchased it from for a full refund or replacement,” the company said in a statement.

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